We can craft custom jewelry or timepieces from:

  • a customer provided design
  • a design from our imagination that the customer loves
  • a design conceived through the collaboration of our customer and ourselves

Browse our Shop or Portfolio pages to see further examples of our work. If you are interested in having a custom designed piece, please stop by the store or Email a scan of your design.

Computer Model of Ring
3D Computer Model of a Ring
Crafted ring from computer model
Ring Crafted from 3D Computer Model

Craft and Remodel

We handcraft all custom design pieces. We can craft the pieces from scratch or from customer provided gemstones or diamonds. We are even able to remodel items into new pieces, such as transforming a coin into a necklace, a spoon into a ring, or a silver hairbrush handle into an arm bangle.

If you are interested in remodeling an item, please come in to see us with the item or Email a few pictures of the item from different angles (front, back, top, and sides).

Diamond Wrist Watch
Diamond Wrist Watch Before Remodeling
Bracelet from Remodeled Wrist Watch
Bracelet from Remodeled Wrist Watch

Repair and Restore

Restored lighter with a flame
Restored Lighter



We are able to repair and restore a multitude of items, including jewelry, timepiece, lighters, and etc.

If you have an item that needs to be repaired or restored, please come in with the item and we will be happy to restore it to its former glory.




A pile of gold items behind a stack of hundred dollar bills with a call card besides them.
Cash for Gold


We buy gold, silver, platinum, watches, diamonds, or gold and silver coins. We present the best offer to our customer based on the current demand and market prices.

You will need to bring the items to the store, and have some form of photo ID.